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Submissive Male for Dominant Woman

Hi there. I'm a sexual submissive/masochist who (occasionally) likes to flirt with his dominant side. I'm a quiet, reserved guy... but most people seem to like me, once they know me a little.

I don't make big bucks, but I'm fairly smart - I sell articles/reviews, and I work freelance as a copywriter. And I guess I look masculine enough; no six-pack, but I do crank weights, and I have a fair amount of muscle mass.

I never really explored my submissive side in the relationships I've had, but dominant women have always been my thing, and I love being tied up, even quite harshly and for long periods of time... I'm particularly attracted to curvy women, and I'm kind of a leg fetishist (heels and boots are cool, as well...!).

But I certainly don't judge by appearance alone. I enjoy the company of a thoughtful, intelligent woman, one with whom I share interests (reading, rock music), but who also has hobbies and pursuits new to me, which I can enjoy learning about...

(Oh, and although I'm looking for a relationship, I'm up for casual flirtation, too...!)

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Sexual Fantasies

Sexual fantasyI've got a pretty big "thing" about having my wrists tied - either high over my head, or behind my back - then being forced to wear a cruelly tight ball gag.
(I just recently got into the idea of nipple clamps, but never really tried 'em - anyone want to help me lose my nipple torture virginity?)

Femdom Preferences

Intensity level:Depends on my mood
I'm seeking:Occasional Meetings
Desired Persona:Changes with my partners
I like to wear:Other